Frequently Asked Questions

We usually offer up to 90% of the market value for your property. This can vary, depending on location, condition and other factors such as lease length.

All types of properties, in all locations and in all conditions. As we purchase with cash we are not limited by the banks lending criteria

There is nothing for you to pay at any time, and there is no obligation or documents to sign either.

We can complete as quickly as you need us to. As we use our own cash and do not borrow money it is available at any time.

There is no obligation for you to proceed. This is your property and the sale has to work for you.

We can offer long completion periods to allow you to move out or make arrangements.

There is no reason for you to sign anything at any time, other than what your own solicitor gives you. We will not send you any paperwork.

No. Your property may have been overpriced by the Estate Agent in order to gain your business. We assess each property individually and base our offers on a fair market valuation.

Yes you will. We insist that you use your own solicitor for your own security. If you have never used one before we can suggest one for you, but they will be fully independent and represent you only.

Yes we can! But you must get in touch quickly. Just give us the details of the lender and we will take care of the rest!

We can give you a cash advance upon exchange and complete whenever you want.