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Why Sell to Fair and Fast?

The property market and house prices have suffered in recent years due to numerous factors, many of which are still on going and show no signs of abating. Brexit has introduced a level of unprecedented uncertainty, and no one knows what will happen when the UK does leave the EU in 2021.

Changes in the way Landlords are taxed has also had a huge impact on the property market. Being a Private Landlord is no longer as appealing as it was. Without the growth in House Prices that was previously relied upon, the increased levels of tax mean that many Landlords are selling their rental houses, flats and bungalows.

The additional 3% Stamp Duty surcharge means that there is less demand for second homes, or Holiday Homes.

Corona Virus has caused the largest recession of the 20th Century. Banks are making it more difficult to obtain mortgages which means that House Prices will continue to suffer. Amongst all this people need to Sell Their Houses, Flats and other types of Property.

You could try to sell your house or flat through a local estate agent or even an online one. They will advertise your property to potential buyers, and if they find one will charge you a percentage of the selling price. You will then need a solicitor who will also charge you for his services. All of this could take approximately 6 or more months, and you will be paying mortgage payments and household bills all the time. You may not even receive the agreed price if the survey highlights any problems.

Or, you could sell to Fair & Fast. You will receive a Fair cash offer for your house, within 24 hours. There won’t be any viewings, or For Sale boards. No endless lists of questions from time wasting buyers and unprofessional estate agents. You won’t have to pay any Legal Fees and we can even arrange Clearance of your House or Flat. Move to your timetable, not to someone else’s!

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To receive your cash offer, please start by filling in your postcode in the space below. There is no obligation and we will not share your details.