Why choose us

The difference between Fair & Fast House Buyers and “Quick Sale” Companies.

There are many companies operating in the UK claiming to offer a “quick purchase for cash” or an immediate exchange of contracts. In reality though, only a very few of them actually go through with buying your property, and usually at a huge discount from the market value.

How we work

  • We make you a fair offer for your house, based on all the above and taking in to account the condition, location and any other factors affecting value, such as lease length in the leasehold properties. Using the very latest software, we closely monitor the property market both locally and at a national level, taking in to account current trends, market sentiment and the forecasts from respected analysts.
  • We encourage you to use a solicitor of your choice. That way you can be assured that they are working for you and representing your best interests. If you don’t have a preference, we can find one for you in your area, and they will be independent and have no affiliation with our company.
  • At Fair & Fast, we feel there is no need to make you sign anything when you accept our offer. You don’t have to sign anything if you accept an offer from an Estate Agent, so why should you sign anything if you accept an offer form a Property Buying Company. By not signing anything, you know that you are still in control of the sale of your property.

How some of our
competitors work

  • They will offer very close to the full market value of your property. They make these offers to lure you in. In reality though, they will reduce the offer when you are committed to the process.
  • They will encourage you to use one of their solicitors suggesting it will be quicker. If you don’t use their solicitor they will make you pay your legal costs. They do this to allow them to hide the fact that they are not actually buying your house…
  • They will make you sign a document, which most people feel obliged to do as they think it’s part of the sales process. It isn’t. There is no need to sign ANYTHING until you exchange contracts.
  • You could be signing an option agreement that lets them control the sale of your property. This is registered at the Land Registry and to remove it can be very difficult, and expensive!

What makes Fair and Fast House Buyers unique?

Receive your cash offer

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Receive your cash offer

To receive your cash offer, please start by filling in your postcode in the space below. There is no obligation and we will not share your details.