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Inherited a Property?

Here at Fair & Fast House Buyers we are very experienced in Buying Inherited and Probate Properties for cash, fast.

Selling a property following the death of a loved one can be very difficult. Not only is it complicated to deal with the estate as a beneficiary, but having to sell a property that may be a long distance from you can be very problematic, you will have to find a local estate agent and then go through the sales process: viewings, surveys, solicitors. Any delay or problem can be costly, and inheritance tax will be due after 6 months.

We can make you a cash offer to purchase any type of inherited property, in any location, in any condition. Enter the postcode below and we will make you a cash offer. Probate not granted yet? No problem, we can give you a cash offer and start the conveyancing process and be ready to complete the sale as soon as the Grant of Probate is received.

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To receive your cash offer, please start by filling in your postcode in the space below. There is no obligation and we will not share your details.