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Does Your House of Flat Have a Short Lease?

Did you know that if the lease of your property drops below 80 years remaining then it is very difficult for buyers to get a mortgage for it? This means that you will have to try and sell to a cash buyer. You could try marketing through an Estate Agent in the hope that they can find you a buyer with the necessary cash and understanding of this complicated market, which could take months. This can present many problems. Lots of buyers who say they have cash, in reality, don’t. They might have a mortgage agreed, but when the bank finds out about the length of the lease they will refuse to lend the money.

Whilst this is happening, the value of your property is actually DECREASING while the lease runs down. This means that while (generally speaking) the value of the surrounding properties goes up, yours is actually going down. On top of that, while the value drops and the lease gets shorter, the cost of renewing the lease goes up, so any delay can cost you double. You also then have to deal with Freeholders who may be absent or charge unfair prices for lease renewals.

At Fair & Fast House Buyers we are very experienced in this process, owning a number of flats with short leases and freeholds. We have the cash to buy your property available Fast, and for a Fair price.

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