How to Achieve a Fast House Sale

What does it take to have a fast house sale? Whether you’ve recently inherited a property or you no longer wish to operate a rental property, your goal is likely the same: dispose of the real estate as soon as possible so you can cash out the investment. With the liquidity that follows selling the property, you could re-invest, find a new place to live, or simply have a comfortable nest egg to safeguard. Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done due to the process involved in selling a property. What can you do to make sure you get cash in hand as soon as possible? Let’s explore what factors influence how quickly homes sell and look at an alternative to the traditional sale that might prove advantageous for you.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Sell a Home

Averages vary from market to market, but on the whole, you can usually expect two to three months to sell a property, provided there are no other complicating factors. For example, if you’ve recently inherited a house, you will need to wait for a portion of the probate process to unfold before you can begin to consider offers on the home. But wait, you might think — what about all those “time to sale” statistics that say it only takes a few weeks to sell a house? Those statistics only concern when a seller accepts an offer, and as we all know, many sales fall through before reaching the closing table. Obviously, waiting months may not be the option you wish to pursue.

The Traditional Process or a Cash Buyer: Which is Right?

You could try to pursue the usual option, or you might opt to entertain a cash offer from a legitimate property buying company. When you want to have a fast house sale, the traditional route offers more disadvantages than it does benefits. The typically long time it takes to sell a home is only one downside. Other negatives include:

  • Managing home viewings and open houses, which may require entertaining many visitors who are only wasting your time.
  • Maintaining the property inside and out to continue to command a higher sale price on the market.
  • Frustrating negotiations with fussy buyers who have too many conditions.

When compared to the potential advantages of selling your home for cash instead, it becomes clear that traditional sales aren’t always the right way to go.

The Benefits of Receiving a Genuine Cash Offer Today

What are those advantages? When you work with a business such as Fast & Fair House Buyers, you can eliminate many of the most troublesome steps in the selling process while working towards a fast sale. The key benefits of entertaining a cash offer include:

  • No need to wait on a bank to approve a lender’s mortgage, or to deal directly with bank loan officers at all.
  • The option to move more quickly towards a completed sale. Once you accept an offer, there is far less haggling and negotiating to do than with a traditional sale.
  • Cash! You can receive access to the funds much more quickly than with other sale methods.

When speed is your primary concern, cash offers could be the right choice for you.

Situations When Cash Sales Offer More Advantages

Some sellers are regular homeowners who just want to dispose of a property quickly so they can move on to other ventures. In other cases, exceptional circumstances make a fast cash sale a vital option to consider. Such scenarios could include:

  • A divorce or family separation.
  • The death of a loved one and subsequent inheritance.
  • Retirement.
  • Mortgage arrears.
  • If your chain breaks or your buyer pulls out last minute.

Choosing a Reputable Company to Discuss Your Sale

Feeling a little wary about asking someone to make an offer on your house in cash? There are indeed many unsavoury operators in this industry, those who are out to operate frauds rather than a business working in good faith. By knowing what to look for in a cash buying partner, you can minimise your risk and increase the chance of receiving a fair offer. Watch out for:

  • Realistic offers. Someone offering you market value or very close to it for your property is probably making an offer too good to be true. Look for a business that makes a fair offer based on realistic market evaluations.
  • The option to work through a solicitor of your own choosing. Don’t feel pressured by companies that demand you use a particular solicitor for the sake of speed.
  • No signatures necessary. Beware of businesses that try to get you to sign lots of paperwork before you even have contracts in hand.

What to Expect from the Process

So, what happens when you choose to reach out to a team such as ours for an offer? The process is simple:

  • Contact us and provide us with some vital information about the property.
  • We’ll get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.
  • If you choose to accept, work with your own solicitor to exchange contracts with our business.
  • If necessary, we can supply a cash advance on exchange to make your funds available more quickly. The only paperwork you need to sign is what your solicitor provides during the sale process.

Explore Selling Your Home to Fair & Fast House Buyers Today 

With a process designed to be friendly to homeowners and much easier to navigate than the traditional home selling process, Fast & Fair House Buyers streamlines the experience for homeowners in the UK daily. With the relevant details about your property, we can return your offer in as little as 24 hours, putting the decision back in your hands. You’re always free to decline, but should you accept, we’ll move to begin the closing process as soon as possible so you can access your funds without an extensive delay.

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