Finding an Easier Way of Selling a House after the Death of a Parent

Losing a parent is hard enough without having to worry about what to do with the house they left you in their will. In some cases, inheriting a home can be an immensely rewarding situation. Sometimes, people inherit their childhood homes—homes they love and have loved their whole lives—and move into those same houses to raise their kids. Just as often, though, an inherited piece of real estate can be an inconvenience. If you have no interest in living in or otherwise using the property in question for your own purposes—whether as a rental property or as a vacation home—the logical next step is to sell the property. Unfortunately, selling a house after the death of a parent is an often long and arduous process, with complexities having to do with everything from probate court and estate execution to tax obligations and beyond.

Is There a Way to Streamline Selling an Inherited House

Understandably, it’s not uncommon for people who inherit real estate from loved ones to feel overwhelmed by all the steps involved in that process. Selling a house is already a stressful endeavour, even if it’s a property you’ve owned and lived in for years. When you sell a property you’ve inherited, many of the things that make selling your own home a major, time-consuming undertaking are still there.


You still need to clean out the house and get it ready for showings and have it appraised to determine potential market value. You will have to consider repairs or improvements that might improve curb appeal or boost the resale price. Then comes hiring a real estate professional who can assist you in listing the house for sale and market your home to potential buyers. You will need to schedule showings or open houses and go through the back-and-forth process of negotiating with a likely buyer. You still have to go through the weeks-long process of closing on a property sale even after you’ve accepted an offer.


Add to this process, all the other steps involved in inheriting a property, and the entire situation starts to look even more overwhelming. For instance, if you and your siblings all inherited the house together, you’ll need to work together to decide on the next steps. You’ll also have to monitor the inheritance as your parent’s will goes through probate—a waiting game during which you can’t take any real steps to sell the property anywhere. And once the will clears probate and you own the house, you’ll still be in charge of sorting through your parent’s possessions, holding an estate sale and doing it all while grieving over a lost loved one.


Fortunately, there is a faster and easier way of selling a house after the death of a parent. At Fair & Fast House Buyers, we often work with beneficiaries who have inherited property that they don’t wish to keep. While we can’t eliminate some of the steps outlined above—the estate will still have to go through probate, for instance, and you’ll be responsible for any estate sale you might wish to hold—we can significantly streamline the actual sale process. If you want to avoid the headache of improving, repairing, listing, marketing, showing, negotiating and selling the house, come to us instead. We’ll make you a fair market offer for the home based on our software, which takes into account a variety of different variables. If our offer is agreeable to you, we can move forward. The entire process is as simple as that.

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After the death of a parent, you naturally want the opportunity to grieve them, to celebrate their life and to say goodbye. Inheritance, while often a lovely thing, can also sometimes be a weight that makes the weeks and months after a parent’s passing that much more stressful. At Fair & Fast House Buyers, we can give you an easier way of handling real estate inheritances without the fuss.

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